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Then Paul ran anxiously into your kitchen area. The just one candle nonetheless burned about the desk, the large hearth glowed purple. Mrs. Morel sat by itself. Over the hob the saucepan steamed; the evening meal-plate lay ready to the desk. Every one of the room was packed with the feeling of waiting around, looking ahead to the man who was sitting in his pit-Dust, dinnerless, some mile absent from home, across the darkness, ingesting himself drunk. Paul stood while in the doorway.% “Has my dad come?” he requested. “You could see he hasn’t,” reported Mrs. Morel, cross Together with the futility with the dilemma. Then the boy dawdled about near his mother. They shared exactly the same stress. Presently Mrs. Morel went out and strained the potatoes. “They’re ruined and black,” she mentioned; “but what do I treatment?” Not several phrases ended up spoken. Paul Just about hated his mom for suffering mainly because his father did not appear house from perform. “What do you trouble you for?

바라문 또는 브라만[神官], 크샤트리아[武士], 바이샤[庶民], 수드라[奴婢] 등의

ended up of clean up, cold blue. Paul lay on his back again within the outdated grass, wanting up. He could not bear to look at Miriam. She looked as if it would want him, and he resisted. He resisted continuously. He wished now to give her passion and tenderness, and he could not. He felt that she required the soul from his entire body, instead of him. All his strength and Electrical power she drew into herself through some channel which united them. She did not want to satisfy him, so that there were two of them, male and girl together. She needed to draw all of him into her. It urged him to an intensity like insanity, which fascinated him, as drug-using might.% He was talking about Michael Angelo. It felt to her as though she have been fingering the very quivering tissue, the really protoplasm of daily life, as she listened to him. It gave her deepest gratification. And eventually it frightened her. There he lay from the white intensity of his lookup, and his voice slowly filled her with worry, so amount it had been, Nearly inhuman, just as if inside a trance.

그러면 누가  하위주체로서의 여성의 경험을 재현해야하는가? 스피박의 대답은 지식인 여성인 듯 하다. 그러나 비록 지식인 여성이라 하더라도 그 사회의 특권을 누려온 남성의 시각에 침윤되어있을 가능성은 얼마든지 있다. 따라서 지식인 여성이 무조건 하위주체로서의 여성의 대표성을 가질 수는 없다. 여기에서 지식인 여성에게 윤리적 책무를 묻는 스피박의 말걸기 개념의 실천적 측면이 부각된다. 말하자면, 구체적 역사와 상황을 이해하고, 상대를 주체로 인지하는 진정한 '말걸기'를 통해 하위주체로서의 여성의 삶이 재현될 수 있다는 의미이다.

“The fir-trees are like presences to the darkness: every one only a presence.” She was worried, and reported practically nothing.% “A kind of hush: The full night time asking yourself and asleep: I suppose that’s what we do in Dying—sleep in question.” She were scared prior to from the brute in him: now with the mystic. She trod beside him in silence. The rain fell by using a significant “Hush!” within the trees. Ultimately they attained the cartshed. “Let us stay here awhile,” he mentioned. There was a seem of rain just about everywhere, smothering anything. “I sense so Bizarre and nevertheless,” he explained; “coupled with anything.” “Ay,” she answered patiently. He appeared again unaware of her, however he held her hand near. “Being rid of our individuality, which happens to be our will, which can be our hard work—to Dwell effortless, a sort of curious sleep—that is quite gorgeous, I believe; that is our afterlife—our immortality.

“And I ought to have the satisfaction of looking at them die.” “But then—it does not issue if they do die.” Whereupon he remaining more info her, and went stooping around the clumps of tangled bouquets which thickly sprinkled the sphere like pale, luminous foam-clots. Miriam experienced come near. Clara was kneeling, breathing some scent from the cowslips. “I feel,” explained Miriam, “in case you deal with them with reverence you don’t do them any damage. It is the spirit you pluck them in that matters.” “Indeed,” he stated. “But no, you receive ‘em since you want ‘em, and that’s all.” He held out his bunch.% Miriam was silent. He picked some far more. “Have a look at these!” he ongoing; “sturdy and lusty like minimal trees and like boys with Extra fat legs.” Clara’s hat lay about the grass not far off. She was kneeling, bending forward continue to to scent the flowers.

this girl, Louie Travers, was now Dawes’s female. She was a handsome, insolent hussy, who mocked for the youth, and nonetheless flushed if he walked together to the station with her as she went residence. Another time he went to see Miriam it was Saturday evening. She had a fire in the parlour, and was awaiting him. The Other individuals, besides her father and mom along with the young kids, experienced gone out, so The 2 had the parlour with each other. It had been a protracted, reduced, heat room. There were three of Paul’s smaller sketches to the wall, and his photo was around the mantelpiece. To the table and to the superior aged rosewood piano were being bowls of coloured leaves. He sat from the armchair, she crouched on the hearthrug near his ft. The glow was heat on her handsome, pensive deal with as she kneeled there like a devotee.% “What did you believe of Mrs.

불교 연구의 역사는 또한, 불교의 수행자이기도 했던 불교 학자들이 자신의 종교를 어떻게 생각하였는가 하는 그 양태의 변화 양상도 기술해야 한다. 대부분이 승려인 이들 전통 불교 학자들은 한 문헌의 여러 판본을 만들고, 사전을 편집하고, 철학적 교의를 요약하고, 경전 목록을 만들고, 국소적인 또는 광범한 범위의 연대기와 역사서들을 편집하였는데 이것들은 모두 오랜 역사적 사유의 전통이 낳은 산물이다.

카스트 제도가 약화되었지만, 마우리아 왕조가 멸망하고 굽타 왕조가 들어서면서

앞에서 본 것과 같이 제이차세계대전 이전의 서구 학계에서 불교에 대한 연구는 불교 문헌도 읽을 줄 아는 산스크리트 학자들 (때로는 중국학자들)에 의해 수행되어 왔다는 점에서, 불교학은 인도학의 후예라 할 수 있다. 그러나 이들 학자들에 의해 이루어진 번역과 연구물들은 학자들 세계 안에서만 통용된 것이 아니었다.

“And you also haven’t discovered the quite very first thing about her.” “What’s that?” “That she doesn’t want any of your soul communion.

and just take from him Each and every spray as he gathered it and held it to her, every one individually, from the purest way of chivalry. The tower seemed to rock within the wind. They appeared above miles and miles of wooded region, and state with gleams of pasture.% The crypt underneath the manor was gorgeous, As well as in fantastic preservation. Paul manufactured a drawing: Miriam stayed with him. She was thinking of Mary Queen of Scots seeking with her strained, hopeless eyes, that might not fully grasp distress, in excess of the hills whence no aid arrived, or sitting down In this particular crypt, currently being explained to of the God as chilly as being the put she sat in. They established off once again gaily, seeking spherical on their own beloved manor that stood so clean up and large on its hill. “Supposing you could have that farm,” stated Paul to Miriam. “Of course!” “Wouldn’t it be Attractive to come back and see you!” They have been now while in the bare place of stone partitions, which he cherished, and which, even though only 10 miles from home, seemed so overseas to Miriam. The get together was straggling.

문화제국주의는 세계자본주의 체제에서 거대 기업들이 문화생산양식을 통제함으로써 세계경제를 장악하는 과정에서 필연적으로 야기되는 사회현상이라고 할 수 있다.

“Ah!” cried Miriam, and she checked out Paul, her dim eyes dilating. He smiled. With each other they appreciated the field of flowers. Clara, a bit way off, was considering the cowslips disconsolately. Paul and Miriam stayed shut together, talking in subdued tones. He kneeled on just one knee, rapidly gathering the most effective blossoms, transferring from tuft to tuft restlessly, speaking softly on a regular basis. Miriam plucked the bouquets lovingly, lingering in excess of them. He generally looked as if it would her too brief and Virtually scientific. Nevertheless his bunches experienced a all-natural magnificence a lot more than hers. He cherished them, but as when they were his and he had a proper to them. She experienced extra reverence for them: they held a little something she had not.% The bouquets have been incredibly fresh and sweet. He needed to consume them. As he gathered them, he ate the very little yellow trumpets. Clara was still wandering about disconsolately.

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